Our clients report greater effectiveness and productivity, increased awareness and perspective, improved listening and communication skills, stronger relationships, greater confidence, and more effective leadership.


Key Areas of Focus

Professional Workshops/Trainings

Strategic Planning


Program Design & Management

Why Hire A Consultant?

Running a nonprofit is a big job.

If you are a nonprofit leader, it is highly likely that you’ve often had to try to fill gaps in your organization that you are not qualified to fill. You might be a skilled and experienced fundraiser, but that doesn’t mean you have the background needed to also be a marketing manager or even a director of human resources. Working with a nonprofit consulting firm like Rhonda Consults takes the pressure from you so that you do not have to try to do everything.

When you outsource a function to a nonprofit consultant, we will leverage our years of expertise and hands-on experience to support your organization effectively and efficiently. We can fill whatever gap you have identified and free up your time, energy, and resources to focus on other things. A nonprofit consulting firm can bring the power of knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to your organization to help you solve problems, maximize opportunities, or fill in gaps.

What Clients Are Saying

The transformative workshops Rhonda Rogers has provided our organization has provided us with so much insightful guidance and support. It has assisted us in developing and redefining our communication skills, leadership, and dependability. It’s also brought awareness to ways we can improve our processes both internally and externally so we can provide better services to the youth and communities we serve. We value and appreciate all the insight and valuable resources Rhonda Rogers has provided all of us!

Digital Vibez

I am delighted to share my testimony about working with Rhonda Rogers and her consulting business. Our experience has been nothing short of enlightening and stimulating. Rhonda’s guidance has prompted our organization to thoroughly contemplate how 4 Knowledge is Power Nonprofit can strategically reposition ourselves for greater impact in the community. What truly sets Rhonda apart is her consistent demonstration of accommodation and flexibility in her approach to assisting grassroots nonprofit organizations. Her unwavering commitment to our success has been invaluable.

4 Knowledge Is Power, Inc.

Amazing Leader

I had the pleasure of recruiting and hiring Rhonda for the contracted Executive Director position. Rhonda’s skills in nonprofit management and leadership coaching made her a great candidate for the position. After being hired, Rhonda continued to grow the organization by creating and implementing quality programs all while raising the necessary funding to bring these programs to a community in need. It is a pleasure to work with her, she is a team player and leader.

PJL Associates

My favorite part of working with Rhonda was knowing I was working with someone leading from experience. You rarely find someone to provide these leadership/consulting services while they’re still very active in the field. I witness Rhonda’s impact on the nonprofit sector in Palm Beach County as a CEO and Board Member of various organizations. Knowing she’s so involved in making an impact makes it much easier to buy into her advice and strategies.

EJS Project


Rhonda, The Author

Sixteen successful black women collaborate to create a powerful anthology book filled with their individual journey and experiences with sisterhood. In this adventure called living, we are often met with the detours of challenge, adversity, and doubt. Within these pages, their words will nourish, renew, satisfy, and enlighten you on the intricacies of how black women are required to navigate through relationships with other women to maintain accountability, support, and trustworthiness. It is through this diverse collection, one will find that the power of sisters not only connects us, but celebrates us in all that we strive to be as women. Enter their stories. Let the enchantment of their words resonate within your mind. Be inspired.

Ready to Move from GOOD to GREAT?

It starts with a conversation with Rhonda. She will learn about your nonprofit and your goals. If you are a good fit, she will create an outline of your expectations and goals, develop a plan to accomplish those goals and then the both of you will work together to accomplish your goals.